Amorous Affinity

I am enamored with the notion of you,

My thoughts beset by concerns for your well-being, anew,

My heart invested in your welfare, a constant refrain.


Though inner demons wage a daily battle within,

Your dulcet tones, a panacea, lull them into a peaceful spin.


I treasure how you ponder my plight with solicitude,

Your apprehensions for my sake, a testament to your devotion, unfeigned,

Your love for me, a beacon, shining bright and true.


My journey through life is a veritable gauntlet,

A tortuous path, replete with thorns, that pierce and wound, unrelenting,

But I shall persevere, alone, to shield you from harm’s way,

Lest your delicate heart be bruised, and our love fade away.


So permit me to adore you from a distance, a bittersweet refrain,

And hope that someday our paths shall converge once more, in a brighter, more halcyon plain,

Where love’s gentle benevolence shall salve our scars and heal our pain.

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