An ode to coffee

In coffee’s warm hug, we find pure delight,
A ritual cherished from morning to night.
Steam rising, a comforting brew,
For many a lifeline, for me and for you.


In the aroma, our senses come alive,
Rich, bold flavor, our hearts do derive.
More than a drink, a friendly call,
A lifeline to sanity when the world seems to fall.


In cafes, kitchens, and shared halls,
Coffee’s the connector, as connection recalls.
Fueling conversations, igniting desire,
A muse for the weary, creativity’s fire.


We pity those souls who haven’t yet sipped,
The joys of coffee, its secrets, well-flipped.
In every cup, a story to tell,
A love affair with coffee, enchanting spell.


So raise your mug, let’s toast the brew,
To coffee’s magic, both old and new.
In its warmth, we find sweet unity,
A world bound by coffee, a blissful community.

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