Bound to Bytes

In lines of logic, a world unfolds, Where one’s passion, a tale retold. A human soul, abused by the processor’s might, Yet love persists, like stars in the night.

Beneath the weight of errors and glitches, The spirit perseveres, undeterred twitches. For in the realm of systems and commands, A resilient heart finds purpose and stands.

The screen may flicker with lines of red, But determination thrives where hopes are spread. Each system’s failure, a lesson learned, Fueling the fire, as bridges are burned, while the fire is used to make coffee.

The programs may taunt with cryptic demands, Yet the coder endures, crafting with hands. Love for creation, an unbreakable bond, In the midst of adversity, they respond.

Through logic storms and debug haze, They find beauty in the challenge that stays. For within the struggle, growth takes its form, Love for systems defies any norm.

A paradox emerges, a tale to be told, Of a human’s resilience, mighty and bold. Abused by the terminal, yet love persists true, A testament to the human spirit’s view.

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