Hello world!

In bytes and bits, a universe unfurled,
A humble phrase emerged: “Hello, World.”
A digital echo, a programmer’s call,
A greeting to the cosmos, standing tall.

In the realm of code, where possibilities whirl,
This phrase marks the start, the code’s first swirl.
From the depths of compilers to screens that glow,
“Hello, World,” a message to all minds to show.

A programmer’s journey, a story untold,
With syntax and logic, innovations unfold.
Lines of text dance, forming algorithms grand,
In languages diverse, across every land.

With keystrokes and brackets, the canvas takes form,
Ideas take flight, like a digital storm. “Hello, World,” a whisper, a code’s genesis,
From binary whispers to lines of finesse.

From servers to screens, the message takes flight,
A symbol of beginnings, a beacon of light. In the world of coding, where dreams are twirled,
We start with a greeting:

“Hello, World.”

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