Entwined Reverie : The Embrace

In the heart’s complex chamber, feelings intertwine, A dance of emotions, both tender and malign. Love and hate entwined, like vines on a wall, A paradox of passion, a story to recall.


I love you for the light you bring to my days, The warmth of your laughter, like sun’s gentle rays. Your smile, a beacon that brightens my sky, In your presence, my heart soars, reaching up high.


Yet there’s a shadow that follows your grace, A storm cloud of anger, a tempest’s embrace. I hate the way your words can cut like a knife, Leaving wounds on my soul, a battlefield of strife.


I love the way your touch can soothe my fears, A gentle caress that dries my sorrowful tears. Your essence, a balm that eases my pain, In your arms, I find solace, like gentle rain.


But hate simmers within when disagreements arise, A clash of opinions, a tumultuous guise. I loathe the battles that tear us apart, Leaving scars on our bond, like a wounded heart.


How can one heart hold both love and disdain, A paradoxical dance, a bittersweet refrain? For in the depth of human emotions we find, Love and hate coexist, a complex design.


So I embrace these contradictions, like night and day, For within them, our story finds its own unique way. Love and hate, two sides of a coin so rare, Together they shape us, a tale beyond compare.

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